Five huge lakes where you can fish the largest Black Bass in Europe
Wonderful spots where you can catch real monsters
Unspoiled nature and unforgettable landscapes
The best fishing tackle
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It is a predator fishing lodge located in the heart of theExtremadura (Spain)

Probably the best European location for fishing at Black Bass certainly one of the best for BIG PIKE
A boundless territory surrounded by nature with multiple immense lakes populated by real WILD MONSTERS
The best Lodge services in the best spots for fishing for freshwater predators, fishing for Spinning e Fly Fishing to the Iberian Black Bass, to the giant Pikes without forgetting the Zander and the Barbo Comizo, all on board a bass boat equipped with the latest Garmin LiveScope systems


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Unforgettable Experience

Spinning and Fly Fishing from Iberian Black Bass to giant Pike, without forgetting Zander and Comizo.

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